The 1923 Project As a tribute to the archetype of all jazz guitars, the Gibson L5, introduced in 1923, guitar maker Daniel Slaman will make a unique guitar inspired by this momentous achievement of acoustic engineer Lloyd Loar and the Gibson guitar company.  New Vintage Guitars New Vintage archtop jazz guitars are guitars built today, inspired  by the great guitars of the past. Modern insights and materials, combined with old world craftsmanship. Guitar maker Daniel Slaman  creates individual guitars of character and each with it’s own unique history, voice and soul. Nylon string archtop jazz guitars; The Dome A short definition of The Dome: archtop jazz guitar feel with nylon string tone! The Dome is a unique blend of archtop style and nylon string sound. Strong acosutic response and state-of-the-art amplified sound with RMC piezo and pre- amp.  © Daniel Slaman Guitars 2013